Comfortable navigation with high accuracy even in difficult environments.

Underground Magnetics is a United States company with more than 70 years of combined experience in practical work of navigation for HDD.

Product families Mag 3 and Mag 6 provides secure positioning of the drill head down to 60 meters depht. The unique design with multiple frequencies and dual antennas make the system flexible and very resistant to any kind of interference. The clear display shows pitch, roll and depth as well as signal strength and temperature.

A wide product range Echo-sondes (transmitters) make it easy to choose the right option for your particular equipment. Powerful dual lithium batteries guarantee many hours of operation without interruption.

Receiver design are fields and sturdy-you don’t have to bend down without working comfortably in standing position. The remote device is just as compact, clear and easily managed.

Last but not least-the well-designed construction creates the conditions for a competitive price.

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