Tricone drillbits

The individual component that most contributes to efficient progress in rockdrilling is the drill bit. Today, there are hundreds of manufacturers around the world, and it’s easy to get lost.

Stingrock drill bits differ from the others in several ways. They have greaseable bearings which increases the service life considerably. On the other hand, all TCI-bits have forged bodies which means better precision.

Stingrock drill bits are also classified according to the IADC, which makes it easy to compare different makes, and choosing the right TCI-bit for different rock types. Last but not least the competitive price that will give you get the lowest possible meter cost.


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All dimensions and IADC-codes can be requested.
There are TCI-bits in dimensions from 3 “, every ¼” up to 13 “, where each dimension can be obtained in each of the IADC-code.