Wireless drill navigation on just over 100 m deep.

In HDD operations the  drill operator  must know the position and orientation of the drillhead  The wireless measuring equipment that has so far been has passed the communication and positioning down to no more than 50 meters depth, provided that the soil conditions and level of disturbance is beneficial. 

At greater depths, it has been referred to more complicated equipment based on communication via cable that is pulled inside the drill rods to the drill head.  Now Underground Magnetics equipment introduces (Mag 8) that can handle navigation down to 360 foot depth, i.e. more than 100 metres.

Underground Magnetics is represented in Sweden by Stingrock AB, headed by industry profile Sven Styrud.  – The boundaries moves all the time, “says Sven Styrud. As HDD technology becomes more common, the clients set tougher requirements. And then it is up to the HDD contractors to deliver. Therefor all that’s simplify and increase productivity is a must.

So far  we have introduced long life, high performing low cost TCI bits and Navigation equipment to the HDD market. But for the future we do believe that more focus will come on environment friendly  operations , so just now we are studying recycling of material and drilling fluid .

Do you want to know more please don’t hesitate to contact Sven Styrud +46 705576378