Efficient products and unique knowledge in Trencless Tecnology.

I have not only  built one of Swedens leading companies in No-Dig construction field. I have also worked internationally as an expert advisor in Trenchless Technology for clients, consultants, contractors and equipment manufacturers.

Now, I have decided to once again focus on the Nordic market, but not as an entrepreneur. But by giving all the companies working with Trenchless Technology access to good products at a good price and good performance. I start with drill bits and screens, but more are on the way. 

I also intend to give the industry access to the experience I have gained during my 37 years by consultation and training. Contact us with your questions!

Sven Styrud – Stingrock


Successful drilling under the river Göta Älv using the walkover navigationsystem from Underground Magnetics Mag 8.


When the municipally of Vänersborg was going to extend the water network and build a new pipeline to Vargön and Vänersnäs they...
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Feel free to check out the Mag 8 drill navigation down to 100 meters!


Soon you can convince yourself of what the Mag 8 is capable of. First demonstration in the Nordic countries is implemented in Denmark,...
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Wireless drill navigation on just over 100 m deep.


In HDD operations the  drill operator  must know the position and orientation of the drillhead  The wireless measuring equipment that has so...
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