Efficient products and unique knowledge in Trencless Tecnology.

I have not only  built one of Swedens leading companies in No-Dig construction field. I have also worked internationally as an expert advisor in Trenchless Technology for clients, consultants, contractors and equipment manufacturers.

Now, I have decided to once again focus on the Nordic market, but not as an entrepreneur. But by giving all the companies working with Trenchless Technology access to good products at a good price and good performance. I start with drill bits and screens, but more are on the way. 

I also intend to give the industry access to the experience I have gained during my 37 years by consultation and training. Contact us with your questions!

Sven Styrud – Stingrock


Pilot drilling under Lake Mälaren in Eskilstuna


The pilot drilling which had a length of 850 meters whereof 500 meters below water, and a depht of 14 meters, the...
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Under the highway E20 in Eskilstuna


A couple of weeks ago Tobias were with Steve and Mattias at JW Brunnsborrning and drilled under the highway E20 in Eskilstuna,...
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The Mag 8 has more than one string on it’s bow.


At the request of Johan Lundberg AB a couple of weeks ago we were in Gothenburg at the swedish westcoast and located...
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